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Patrick Mara, Re-Elected Chairman of the DC Republican Committee


Patrick Mara, Re-Elected Chairman of the DC Republican Committee

Washington, DC – (January 13, 2023)

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, January 12, Patrick Mara was re-elected Chairman of the DC Republican Committee (DCRC) in a vote held via Zoom. The DCRC elects officers at a biennial organizational meeting held in January. 

Chairman Mara, a Ward 7 resident, has long been active in the District of Columbia community. A consultant and small business owner, he is the married father of two DC Public School students. In addition to serving as DCRC Chairman over the last two years, he previously was the Republican nominee for DC Council, At-Large and is the first Republican elected to serve on the DC State Board of Education. A past Executive Committee member, Mara was the Executive Director of the DCRC during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.  

Upon his election, Mara noted, “Over the last two years, we worked extremely hard to rebuild and restructure the DC Republican Party. As a result, Washingtonians have had choices in candidates that align with their values and are motivated to see changes from the status quo. As we head into the Presidential cycle, we will continue to capitalize on our momentum and build. We will support our police and the greater need for public safety, defend and argue for parental choice in education, and hold the District Council accountable for their spending and unfair tax levies. I look forward to engaging with the Republican Members of Congress on District issues.” 

The DC Republican Committee also elected a number of other officers to its Executive Committee. The new and returning officers are: Vice Chairman Joanne Young, Ward 3 (re-elected), and Secretary Christina Goodlander, Ward 6. In addition, Mara appointed Giuseppe Niosi, Ward 2, as Treasurer of the DCRC. As Chairman, Mara is one of DC’s three voting Members of the Republican National Committee along with José Cunningham, DC National Committeeman, and Ashley MacLeay, DC National Committeewoman.  

Mara will appoint a number of other members to his Executive Committee. For further information, Executive Director Nicole McClure at 

The DC Republican Committee is made up of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.


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