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District of Columbia Republican National Convention Delegate Certification


WASHINGTON, DC – (June 18, 2024)- On Sunday, June 9, a significant milestone was reached as the DC Republican Party (DC GOP) Delegates and Alternate Delegates were officially certified to represent the District of Columbia at the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

DC GOP Chairman Patrick Mara stated, “Our 2024 Republican National Convention Delegates and Alternate Delegates, certified by the RNC and the DC GOP Executive Committee, are ready to carry the voice of the District’s Republicans to Milwaukee. With their certification, we are looking forward to the 2024 convention.”

The certified binding Delegates and Alternate Delegates who will be representing the District at the 2024 Republican National Convention: 


Celeste Biagini

Tim Costa

Jessie Jane Duff

John Patrick Feehery

Christina Goodlander

Jonathan Hanen

Nina O’Neill

Kimberly Reed

Lindsey Rowland

Daniel Schuberth

Patrick Shaughness

Robert Simmons

Brian Taylor

Nathaniel Thomas

Karl Von Batten

Joanne Young

DC GOP Leadership & Delegates:

Patrick Mara, Chairman & Delegate Chairman

Ashley MacLeay, National Committeewoman

José Cunningham, National Committeeman

Alternate Delegates:

Teresa Adams

Raymond Biagini

J.C. Boggs

Nicole Fondots

Hilary Halpern

Christopher Hull

Tim Leahy

Peter Lefkin

Patrick Merkle

Kris Persinger

Marya Pickering

Greg Pishko

David Short

Christopher Siddall

Martin Skold

Jack Yoest

Committee Assignments:

Rules: Ashley MacLeay & Tim Costa

Platform: José Cunningham & Joanne Young

Credentials: Patrick Mara & Kimberly Reed

Permanent Organization: Patrick Shaughness & Lindsey Rowland

Under the Rules of the Republican National Committee (RNC), DC’s three RNC Members serve as automatic Delegates to the Republican National Convention. The remaining sixteen Delegates and sixteen Alternate Delegates were chosen after a merit-based application process focused on the applicants’ participation and leadership within the party, with final local approval by the DC GOP Executive Committee. The nineteen delegates choose the Chairman of the Delegation and Members of the Convention Committees.

The DC Republican Party is comprised of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members. It is a state party with three elected members of the 168-member Republican National Committee.

For further information or comments on the results, please contact Nicole M. McClure, Executive Director of the DC Republican Committee, at


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