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DC GOP to Speaker Pelosi: Tear down your wall

WASHINGTON – The DC Republican Committee issued the following statement regarding the barbed wire fence and barricade encircling the U.S. Capitol complex and encroaching on the neighborhoods of DC residents.

DC Republican Committee Chairman Patrick Mara stated, “The Inauguration is over and the annual Impeachment Trial has ended. It’s time for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take down the massive barbed wire fence surrounding the U.S. Capitol complex.” He continued, “While many of us appreciate a good political message, the Speaker’s security wall has dragged on for far too long. Those of us who actually call the District our home have seen and feel the creep of security zones around our neighborhoods. There is no data-driven evidence as to why this wall should stay in place.” Mara continued, “The Speaker’s wall severely disrupts pedestrian and bicycle routes, traffic patterns and transit. Her wall makes it more difficult for citizens to get access to and petition the government – whether they have Congressional representatives or not – and it eliminates green space for all residents, especially those of Ward 6.”

Mara added, “The Speaker’s wall should not be a partisan issue, and for the sake of District residents and long-suffering small businesses, I hope DC Democrats will join me in calling on the Speaker to remove her barbed wire fortress. Speaker Pelosi may be disproportionately inconveniencing more Democrats, but she is trampling on the rights of all District residents and all Americans with her wall. Speaker Pelosi, it’s time to tear down your wall.”

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The DC Republican Committee is composed of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.


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