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DC GOP Celebrates Supreme Court Decision 


WASHINGTON, DC – (March 5, 2024)– Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted unanimously in a 9-0 decision against states unilaterally removing candidates for office from the ballot. DC GOP Chairman Patrick Mara released the following statement.

“Yesterday was more than a welcome result from the U.S. Supreme Court. No state should have the power to deny access to a candidate seeking office in federal elections, especially the presidency. We have seen a rise in the weaponization of fundamental laws and the courts, and this decision sends a clear message that states should not go beyond their purview. We were proud to have joined the Brief amici curiae of Kansas Republican Party and 32 Other States and Territorial Republican Parties.”

The DC Republican Party is comprised of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members. It is a state party with three elected members of the 168-member Republican National Committee.

For further information or comments on the results, please contact Nicole M. McClure, Executive Director of the DC Republican Committee, at


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