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Newsletter:Why I Ran For Office, and Why You Should Consider It Too

by Giuseppe Niosi, Treasurer

A thriving democracy relies on diverse representation and the healthy exchange of ideas, but one-party rule delivers the opposite of that. That is why I – a Republican – decided to run for DC Council At-Large last year, and it is why I call on more of my fellow Republicans to run for offices up and down the ballot.

While it may seem like an uphill battle, it is essential for the long-term success of our city. As the seat of the federal government and the home of Congress, DC famously has a lot of political and cultural diversity. But the current local government doesn’t reflect that. At the moment, every member of the DC Council is a Democrat or an “unaffiliated” politician. A kind reminder that we do not formally have an independent party in Washington, D.C.

Diversity of thought ensures that a wide range of perspectives and interests are taken into account. Republicans represent an important voice for individuals who may feel marginalized or underrepresented in the political landscape. By running for office, Republicans provide a platform for more voices to be heard.

Residents of the District are actively engaged in civic life, and thus expect transparency and accountability from their elected officials. Minority-party candidates often serve as watchdogs, ensuring that the majority party remains accountable and transparent in their decision-making and ultimately improving ethics and good governance.

Running for Council inspired me to become more informed about local issues and make

my voice heard. Despite the challenges, I found campaigning to be quite enjoyable and rewarding. I am a native Washingtonian and already knew the city well, but there was still room to learn about my hometown. I was able to engage with many wonderful new people along the way such as the fantastic campaign team and volunteer corps that helped spread the values of

being a Republican. Furthermore, I honed my communication skills through door-knocking, speaking engagements, and debates. While running for office may not be for everyone, it is a deeply rewarding experience for those who have the vocation for it.

Running for office empowers us to actively shape the future of our city. America is a

melting pot and our nation’s capital should be the epitome of that notion. A greater diversity of views in our local government leads to more balanced policymaking and greater pluralism. Ultimately, having more Republicans step up and run for office in DC helps us build a stronger democracy.

Democracy thrives when ideas are challenged and representation is

inclusive. Republican candidates play a vital role in this process by ensuring that the democratic system remains dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of the city’s diverse population. Republicans bring diversity, accountability, and fresh ideas to the political landscape of the District. That is why it is so essential to run; because we are Republicans, not in spite of the fact that we’re Republicans.

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