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DC Council Votes to Increase Homeless Encampments with a Tax Hike


WASHINGTON (July 20, 2021) – Today the DC Council voted to increase taxes with no prior hearings, roundtables, open meetings, or publicly noticed discussions. The tax hike will affect earners who make more than $250,000.

Patrick Mara, Chairman of the DC Republican Party, noted of the individual taxpayer tax increase, “Today the DC Council let us know that it’s their way or the highway. There were no public hearings or roundtables prior to their vote. The Council voted to increase taxes just because they can. In fact, the Council preempted the work of a taxpayer-funded Tax Revision Commission before it could deliver its findings. And why did the Council raise taxes? For what reason? Did the Council forget that the District has a budget surplus? Our money truly is Monopoly money to the far-left members of the DC Council.”

Mara added, “Today the DC Council voted to spend more money on policies that will grow homeless encampments, lower the quality of life in the District, and discourage more business owners and families from moving to the District. The money from this tax increase will also go toward more ineffective District government programs that pay even more out-of-town employees, contractors and cronies. The DC Council once again reliably voted to squash economic opportunity for District residents.”

Mara concluded, “I hope the Mayor will veto this tax increase. Unfortunately, the DC Council never met a spending program or tax increase it did not like. They love to use District taxpayers’ money to experiment on ineffective liberal policies.”

The DC Republican Committee is composed of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.


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