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WASHINGTON (April 8, 2021) – While homicides, robberies and vehicle thefts in the District of Columbia in 2021 have increased, the DC Police Reform Commission is trying to defund the police. Defunding police is not in the interest of DC residents, those who work in our federal city, or the millions of visitors to America’s capital in a non-COVID year.

The DC Republican Party calls on the DC Council to dismiss this report, which is driven by hatred of the police, instead of on the basis of empirical evidence and a desire to keep residents of the District of Columbia safe and secure on the streets and in their homes and business. This is the latest example of the DC Council being driven by a national progressive ideology, as opposed to serving the best interests of those they represent.

All district residents and visitors have the right to a safe and secure place to live, work and socialize and are fortunate to have men and women wearing the Metropolitan Police Department uniform that faithfully serve our communities. Police officers and the DC Police Union have reiterated their steadfast commitment to cutting edge and professional policing. At the same time, professional officers must be involved in any process that changes policing practices.

Unfortunately, yet again, the DC Council is only interested in hearing one side of the DC crime story. In 2020, the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Act passed the DC Council and the Council continues to hold hearings on public safety and policing. But like the March 9, 2021 American Civil Liberties Union report on the mass arrest following a violent riot that occurred on 14th and Swann Streets NW last summer, and now the Police Reform Commission Report, the DC Council is only interested in one side of the story.

DC Republicans call on our DC Council to support the MPD, whose officers are paid by District residents’ tax dollars. Patrick Mara, Chairman of the DC Republican Party, said:

“DC residents deserve an inclusive and open debate about how to best secure our communities that includes a full array of citizens, police and our elected officials. Unfortunately, as police officers are leaving MPD in increasing numbers, the DC Council feels the need to make these public servants in blue the latest victims of their progressive laboratory. The DC Council’s approach of top-down mandates is akin to policing approaches seen in banana republics, not what we should expect in America’s capital city. As for the, so called, DC Police Reform Commission report, the DC Republican Party supports all necessary measures to secure our city, in the midst of a rising crime spree. The DC Council should look at ways to curb violence, as opposed to trying to defund the very police keeping DC citizens safe. Then maybe we will see our crime numbers decrease.”

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The DC Republican Committee is composed of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.


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