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DC GOP Outraged at Rigging of DC School Lottery

WASHINGTON – The DC Republican Party issued the following statement in response to a Washington Postarticle on DC officials providing preferential treatment in the school lottery process:

José Cunningham, Chairman of the DC Republican Party, noted, “It is an outrage that officials in our local government are pulling strings to leapfrog others in what is supposed to be an impartial school lottery process. The Mayor and the various city officials involved must apologize to the residents of the District of Columbia immediately. Period.”

He continued, “Further, let’s release the full contents of the Inspector General’s report now. The report does not contain matters of national security and parents deserve to know what exactly went wrong. Obviously, this must never happen again and protections must be put in place to prevent unethical manipulation of the school lottery by those in power.”

“Finally, what is extremely disheartening here is that the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity chose to pull strings to get her child into a Capitol Hill School. This is exactly why residents East of the River and across the city deserve more opportunities and choices in their educational options.”

For further information, contact Patrick Mara at The DC Republican Party Committee is made up of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.

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