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DC Republican Party Statement on the Make All Votes Count Act of 2024


DC Republican Party Statement on the Make All Votes Count Act of 2024

Washington, DC – (July 25, 2023)

Washington, DC – (July 25, 2023) On Friday, July 21, the DC Board of Elections approved a ballot initiative, the so-called “Make All Votes Count Act of 2024.” Supporters of the measure, which will tabulate future elections by rank-choice-voting and create open primaries, can now begin collecting signatures to put the matter before voters. The DC Republican Party issued the following statement:

Patrick Mara, Chairman of the DC GOP, noted, “Perhaps before the District of Columbia begins to change and complicate elections, it should get its current act together. DC voter rolls are an absolute mess. Our mail-to-all system delivers thousands of live ballots to the wrong addresses or now non-existent DC voters. Households with one or even no voters often receive multiple ballots. Members of Congress even receive DC ballots at their homes. Adding insult to injury, in their infinite wisdom, the DC Council approved legislation that allows anyone living in the District for 30 days –from any country in the world– to vote in our elections.”

Mara continued, “Adding rank-choice voting and open primaries now will bring significant confusion and embarrassment to the District of Columbia elections. Until we have much cleaner voter rolls and strong, reliable voting systems, we should not experiment with voting, particularly when people from all parties question the reliability and fairness of our elections administration. Any modifications to our voting system are best dealt with under future big-picture Home Rule Charter revisions. As the capital city wanting more independence and autonomy, we are setting ourselves up for failure with this ballot initiative.

For further information, please contact Nicole M. McClure, Executive Director of the DC Republican Committee, at

The DC Republican Committee is composed of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards nominated and elected to serve as members.


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