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Honoring Senator Robert J. Dole


WASHINGTON, DC – December 10, 2021.

Today, we lay to rest a man of integrity and honor. Former

Senator Robert Joseph Dole embodied the spirit and

tenacity of the Greatest Generation. Faced with possible

life-ending injuries on the battlefield in Italy during WWII,

Senator Dole fought to live and recover from his wounds.

His injury did not define him, nor did he let it hold him


Senator Dole did not sit idly by after his injury. Following a

three-year recovery, he went on to become a Member of

the Kansas House of Representatives, County Attorney,

U.S. Congressman, United States Senator, Chairman of

the Republican National Committee, Chair of the Senate

Finance Committee, Leader of the Senate Republican

Conference, Senate Minority Leader, Senate Majority

Leader, 1976 GOP Vice President Candidate, and 1996

Republican Presidential Nominee.

He is well known as a bipartisan political leader who

focused on taxes and foreign policy, but even more so as

a strong advocate for people with disabilities. Senator

Dole was instrumental in the passing of the 1990

Americans with Disabilities Act, which changed the lives of

countless individuals in our country.

His life and achievements continue to impact our great

nation. He lived to serve his fellow countryman and make

a better tomorrow for everyone.

We honor his life, legacy of service, significant

achievements as a soldier, and his roles as a Republican.

“You will never walk alone”

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