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DC GOP Responds to Washington Post Article on Trayon White

Washington, DC – Jose Cunningham, the Chairman of the District of Columbia Republican Party,  released the following statement in response to a May 6th story in the Washington Post detailing DC Democrats failure to take strong action against recent anti-Semitic remarks voiced by Councilmember Trayon White:

Washington residents continue to wait for meaningful action against Trayon White. Nowhere have we heard Democrats on the DC Council, or Democratic Party leadership, draw a firm line in the sand against bigotry and hated. Rather, we’ve only received lukewarm comments meant to ensure that one of their own is not held accountable. It’s wrong, but not surprising. 

The fact is that one party control of DC government means that the ruling Democratic Party doesn’t have to take action to protect citizens against people like Councilmember White because there is no one to hold them accountable. DC deserves better especially at a time when incidents of anti-Semitic activity have skyrocketed.  

Where is the Democratic chorus calling for White’s resignation? Where are the Democratic calls for tolerance? Where are the Democratic measures to reassure the Jewish community that they are safe from their own elected officials who preach hate and intolerance? The silence is deafening. 

Contact: John Fluharty, 202-251-9094

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