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DC Government Employees Ethics Class

WASHINGTON – The DC Republican Party issued the following statement in response to a Washington Post article reporting disgraced former Councilmember Michael Brown’s agreement to teach twelve ethics classes to DC Government Employees:

José Cunningham, Chairman of the DC Republican Party, noted, “While we applaud efforts to reform the criminal justice system, it is highly suspect that Michael Brown is teaching DC Government employees ethics classes. Surely, there must be some other way that Mr. Brown can finish serving his time. He has done much harm to the District of Columbia not only to its government, but as to how it is perceived by outsiders.”

He continued, “What’s next? Harriette Walters teaches bookkeeping to DC Office of Tax and Revenue Employees? Former Councilmember Harry Thomas provides Serve DC employees with best nonprofit management practices? Or how about about former DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown teams with the DC Office of Campaign Finance to teach candidates best practices in campaign expenditure filing and reporting?”

Former Councilmember Brown was only recently released from Federal custody. He admitted to accepting $55,000 in cash bribes from FBI agents in 2013.

Cunningham added, “Being DC, some things may never change, but we hope the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability reconsiders this troubling agreement. Sure, he did his time, but Michael Brown is not an appropriate ethics instructor of DC government employees given the great harm he has done to the District of Columbia government and its residents.”

For further information, contact Patrick Mara at The DC Republican Committee is made up of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.

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