June 14, 2016

Contact: Patrick Mara

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, June 14, the District of Columbia held its 2016 Primary election. District Republicans, Democrats and Statehood Greens voted for local offices. While DC Democrats held their last in the nation Presidential primary, District Republicans were forced to hold their Presidential election earlier in the cycle due to Republican National Committee rules that prevent parties from selecting Delegates within 45 days of a national convention. The DC Republican Party issued the following statement:

DC Republican Party Chairman José Cunningham stated, “In the future, I hope our local government takes a serious look at meaningful dates to hold our Presidential primary elections. To run our Presidential primary election on June 14 makes no sense. The late date of this Primary has possibly led to an abysmally low Democratic turnout in a Presidential cycle and forced District Republicans to organize and self fund their own Presidential primary at enormous expense. Please, for the sake of all District residents, let us be more reasonable about calendar placement of Presidential primaries.”

Added DC GOP Executive Director Patrick Mara, “When I went to vote at 7:30 AM this morning I had the entire polling place to myself. However, at least I had the opportunity to vote. District voters with no party affiliation – America’s most disenfranchised voters – are excluded from voting at all in primaries. In municipal elections, District officials should consider a nonpartisan system of voting that allows all to vote regardless of their political affiliation.” He concluded, “Let’s refrain from ever again having a last in the nation Presidential primary.”

For further information or comments, contact Patrick Mara at (202) 863-5394 or

The DC Republican Party Committee is made up of registered Republicans living throughout the District of Columbia in all eight wards who are nominated and elected to serve as members.

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