As a Uniformed Service or Veteran disabled in the line of duty absentee voter, you are eligible to participate in the District of Columbia Republican Convention Presidential Preference Ballot for 2016. For the first time, the District of Columbia is holding a binding vote in a Presidential election. This process binds the District of Columbia Delegates to the National Convention on the first ballot. Republicans in Washington, DC, will gather on Saturday, March 12th for this purpose.

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure that your absentee ballot is returned to the DC Republican Party by Saturday, March 12th.

Requesting an absentee ballot:

  • You may request an absentee ballot by sending an e-mail to  Please include the address where you are registered to vote. Uniformed Service Members are required to send a copy of your Military ID.
  • Upon receipt, the District of Columbia Republican Party will confirm your voter registration against the official voter list purchased from the District of Columbia Board of Elections.
  • Ballot packages will be e-mailed to those requesting ballots.

Included in the ballot package will be the following items:

  • Affidavit
  • Privacy sheet
  • Absentee ballot

If any of these items are missing, contact the District of Columbia Republican Party at 202-863-5394

Instructions for marking the ballot and preparing it for return:

  1. Do not make copies to provide to any other voter; each voter must request and vote his or her own ballot.)
  2. Complete the printed ballot page as follows:
    • Mark an X next to the candidate you want to choose.
    • If you make a mistake, contact the DC Republican Party to obtain a new ballot.
    • To have your vote count, do not spoil your ballot by erasing or crossing out your choice.
  3. Complete, sign and date the affidavit.
  4. Place the privacy sheet over the completed ballot, then place the signed affidavit on top of the privacy sheet.

To return your ballot electronically (as an emailed attachment):

  1. Scan the completed and signed affidavit, privacy sheet and ballot, in that order.
  2. Save to your computer as a single PDF file.
  3. Attach the scanned PDF file to an email and send to

* If you are not able to scan and email the ballot, please contact the DC Republican Party (see below) for instructions about using our fax option (available only in the U.S.).